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Nuclear Unescorted Access

Largest Psychological Unescorted Access Authorization Evaluations in the United States.

The Stress Center is The Industry Leader

Welcome to The Stress Center’s Unescorted Access Testing Program. The Stress Center, the largest psychological unescorted access authorization evaluations company in the United States, currently services 31 nuclear sites across 18 states. We also provide services to most of the major contracting companies across the country as well. We have become the industry leader by providing unparalleled service to all our clients, whether you have 11 sites in your fleet like Exelon or 1 site like many of our clients. At The Stress Center, we have NEVER lost a contract due to performance reasons. Never. We listen to our client’s needs and strive to develop new programs or improve existing ones through the use of program improvement, development and emerging technologies. Dr. Candeletti pioneered the use of desktop video teleconferencing for clinical interviews in the nuclear field. In 2001, The Stress Center initiated the archiving of access authorization applicant files on CD’s versus paper files. NEI audit teams have applauded the development and use of these cutting edge innovations. Finally, The Stress Center stays current with nuclear regulatory changes by being active in industry program development (including NEI taskforces).

Safety is Everyone's Goal

No one wants to be the next nuclear disaster story. No one.

Access Evaluations For Public Safety

Pioneered the use of Desktop Video Teleconferencing for Clinical Interviews in Nuclear Field

  • Largest Psychological Unescorted Access Evaluations Company in the United States.
  • Industry Leader that pioneered the use of desktop video conferencing for clinical interviews in the Nuclear Field
  • Stays Current and Active with NEI Task Force
  • Averaging over 14,500 PAI and MMPI tests per year
  • Average Testing Turn-around in 4 to 6 hours

The Stress Center’s turnaround times for scheduling clinical interviews, forwarding evaluation results, MRO consulting or advising on emerging or emergency cases are unmatched by anyone. When you contract with The Stress Center, you have contracted with the best.