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Professional & Executive Coaching

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Professional and Executive Coaching

To achieve extraordinary results, we must learn to do things differently. No matter what our level of commitment, or how much willpower we have - to truly maximize our skills, we need a coach. Like a personal trainer helps you raise your standards and achieve accelerated results in your physical life, a coach empowers you with training, strategies, focus and accountability so you will achieve consistent and accelerated results in targeted areas your life. A coach can help you to identify the gap between where you are, and where you want to be - and then design a strategy so you can achieve the results you want. What will you get from it? Clarity, purpose, drive, balance, passion, insight, courage, abundance, freedom - an opportunity to transform your current state into the life you desire.

Sound familiar

  • Is your job running you?
  • Lost your passion for your job?
  • Successful but unfulfilled?
  • Want to be a more successful leader?
  • Need to be more focused?
  • Know you are capable of more than your life is showing?
  • Winning at work... at the cost of your freedom?
Customizeable Programs

Our programs are available for individuals and companies alike. All programs include a personal behavioral assessment designed to identify your strengths and success blocks. Initial packages are 90 days each, after which they can be renewed monthly. Sessions are 30 minutes in length, and are available 3 or 4 times per month. While most sessions are held by telephone, The Stress Center can also provide services via desktop teleconferencing.